25 Feb 2015

Halifax online can't access CC statements

A question about : Halifax online can't access CC statements

Is anyone else having problems accessing their online credit card statements?

It says there aren't any available for 2015 and the account was inactive for 2014.

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25 Feb 2015

Barclaycard Ј50 Credit for bad press

A question about : Barclaycard Ј50 Credit for bad press

Just rang Barclaycard to cancel after 18 months 0% purchases rate ran out. The man on the phone was trying to persuade me to stay with balance transfers etc. I said that I wasn't happy with the negative publicity re LIBOR etc. He then offered me Ј50 credit on my account to appease me.

Has anyone else encountered this?

25 Feb 2015

Fluid credit card

A question about : Fluid credit card

I've had the fluid card since november and I've had two default sum notice.

Both instances the last payment date was on a Sunday, I paid on a friday after 4pm and they consider this late as I need to make payment before 4pm on Friday to count within deadline.

Furthermore. They don't go by calender month, they go by some other calculation, I think 30 day/29 day period because every month the statement date creeps back 1-2 days and the due date also rolls back 1-2 days from previous month.