09 Mar 2015

cis bricklayer buying a van

A question about : cis bricklayer buying a van

Hi, i am buying a van for work and and am looking to offset it against my income. I wAs wondering how much to spend to be the most tax efficient my profits will be around Ј30000 thanks for any advice in advance

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09 Mar 2015

(solved by private consultation offline)

A question about : (solved by private consultation offline)

I must be writing the wrong questions !
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09 Mar 2015

New job

A question about : New job

Hi all,

I am going to get a new job. The salary will be Ј42,000.

Can anyone tell me how much tax I will be paying in the UK for this basic salary and how to cut it? I think I will fall into the 40% tax rate but not sure.

On top of this I could be getting a Ј4,000 bonus too so not sure how much that will be taxed!

09 Mar 2015

Wash your uniform at home ?

A question about : Wash your uniform at home ?

Jan 2014 update

Forumite AllSpent has had a Ј100 rebate this month plus an adjusted tax allowance. Read the Full MSE Guide for the latest info on getting a free Uniform Tax Rebate or read about others' successful claims and questions below


EDIT : Tax allowance now Ј60 to Ј140 per year from April 2008