09 Mar 2015

Research forgotten credit card and loan providers

A question about : Research forgotten credit card and loan providers

I am sure I am not the first person to ask this question, but I have had quite a few different credit cards and loans over the years and cannot remember all of them.

I am wondering whether there is any way of tracing which cards and loans I have had, and the providers? Is there some kind of official register somewhere?

Can any of the companies offering to do the legwork for me do this - or do I need to tell them the banks involved myself before they can get to work?

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Cahoot


Does anyone know what I should put in my cahoot secure message to ask for a list of all charges. Can I just ask them to send this to me or should I use a specific wording?


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26 Feb 2015

hm forces recovery of package accounts

A question about : hm forces recovery of package accounts

Hi, im a little confused. over 2 years ago i claimed back all my account charges and overdraft fees through MSE, and received over Ј1900. however ive just heard we can reclaim our missold package account fees. as they do not apply to HM Forces and we should never have had them. But have i already claimed these back through my bank charges. it was ages ago and i never kept the paprwork. or would this have been included in what i already claimed. so confused and blonde!!!!

26 Feb 2015

Packaged accounts reclaim

A question about : Packaged accounts reclaim

Hi I am interested in reclaiming charges on a packaged account, but since I closed account 2 years ago, I have shredded my old statements. Could I still claim?

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