26 Feb 2015

RBS Charging When You Pay RBS With RBS Card

A question about : RBS Charging When You Pay RBS With RBS Card

A supplier of ours assigned their invoice to RBS finance.

We called RBS to pay (with an RBS Mastercard).

RBS tried to levy a 1.74% credit card processing charge (when using their own RBS credit card!).

So in effect the RBS LEFT hand is paying the RIGHT hand and I incur processing charges as a result?

RBS used to own Worldpay (who process RBS credit card payments) and all indications are that RBS pay at least 50% less of a charge than that which they charge.

26 Feb 2015

Bank Charges Claim Advise Needed.

A question about : Bank Charges Claim Advise Needed.

Hello everyone.

For the last couple of years, I have had a terrible time with my bank. Getting into debt and constantly feeling like I was struggling to get my account in to the black every month - So I came accross Martin's Charges Claiming page.

So I did it, I went through all my statements from as far back as December 2011.

To my astonishment I counted a total of Ј786 in 'Unarranged overdraft charges', Ј90 in 'Returned Item Fee's', Ј72 in 'Arranged Overdraft Fees' and Ј36 in 'Unpaid Transaction Fees'.

26 Feb 2015

time limit on packaged bank charges RBS

A question about : time limit on packaged bank charges RBS

26 Feb 2015

MBNA Reviewing old claims?

A question about : MBNA Reviewing old claims?

Hi Everyone!

Got a letter out of the blue this week from MBNA saying they are reviewing the credit card PPI claim that I submitted in 2011. They rejected it at that time and i wasn't savvy enough then to forward it onto the ombudsman as I did with Barclaycard. Had to phone them up and give them more details to pass onto the case officer.

They said they have to review some older cases with newer guidelines - has anyone else received one of these letters, and is there a chance they might finally admit they were wrong?