26 Feb 2015

Barclaycard offer via FOS

A question about : Barclaycard offer via FOS

Two years ago I applied for a PPI refund with Barclaycard. They came back and said that I had consented to the PPI and they had it on my postal application. At the time, I decided there was no point pursuing it. Besides I had applied for my Barclays account overdraft charges and won them back so I felt I may have been pushing my luck. When I received the letter, I was literally moving house, a few days after it arrived.

26 Feb 2015

Restarting 2007 charges reclaim on Egg/Barclays under hardship

A question about : Restarting 2007 charges reclaim on Egg/Barclays under hardship

26 Feb 2015

PPI on old Goldfish Card

A question about : PPI on old Goldfish Card

I had a Goldfish credit from around 1994 to around 2005 and I'm very confident that I was paying PPI inurance on the card at this time which I would like to try and claim back. I have recently contacted Barclaycard (whom I believe purchased Goldfish) and they have no record of me ever having a card. Due to moving house many times since 2005 I also am unable to find any old paperwork in regards to the cards as I closed it in 2005.

26 Feb 2015

Old GOLDFISH credit card

A question about : Old GOLDFISH credit card