26 Feb 2015

Barclays Trackit

A question about : Barclays Trackit


Bit the bullet recently and filled in the online claims forms to claim regarding Additions bank account and Overdraft PPI on my account.

Within less than a week I received 3 letters acknowledging my complaints and giving me reference numbers.

26 Feb 2015

Lloyds Credit Card PPI

A question about : Lloyds Credit Card PPI

26 Feb 2015

Bank charges claim with CCJ

A question about : Bank charges claim with CCJ

Can anyone shed some light on whether a claim can still be made against a bank for overdraft/transaction fees where they have made a county court claim for the balance owed (closed account)? The CCJ has been set aside as the balance has been challenged (due to the charges)....being handled by their solicitor.

26 Feb 2015

About to start claims...

A question about : About to start claims...

Hi all,

So I posted this into the PPI thread by mistake (I shall go and delete shortly)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have a few old credit cards, catalogues and a bank account that I am going to look into the charges and or PPI issues.