09 Mar 2015

admin charges

A question about : admin charges

i've used Thinkmoney on-line and mobile banking since 2005/6 and been charged Ј12.50 p.m. for the 1st 6 yrs or so, then it increased to Ј14.50 p.m. to present. i've estimated it to be Ј7,020 at face value. it was supposedly for the privelege of not having bank charges. can i claim this money back?

09 Mar 2015

Advice on Mortgage PPI

A question about : Advice on Mortgage PPI

Was contemplating putting in a claim on mortgage PPI. Although my mortgage finished in 2013. Essentially, when I originally applied for my mortgage with the Leeds permanent in 1992, I was told by them that in order to take the mortgage out I had to take two of their products, so I took out Buildings Insurance and mortgage protection. Then every year it just rolled over and over (Leeds taken over by Halifax in late 90's).

09 Mar 2015

PPI claim

A question about : PPI claim

Hi can someone help me with this?
I left UK in 2009 and came back in 2013. Upon my return, i found out about PPI claims but am not sure if I qualify or how to go about making claims as I am no longer with the same bank, no longer have the same credit and store cards and I have changed address thus don't have anything to look back on.
How or where do I start in terms of making a claim?

Thank in advance.

09 Mar 2015

PPI rejected 3 years ago

A question about : PPI rejected 3 years ago