09 Mar 2015

Rug Making help

A question about : Rug Making help

A friend gave me two lengths of the 'webbing' (don't think that's the word) that you use for rug making.
I've completed a pre printed rug kit before but want to draw my own design this time. The only problem is there is already a design on one side. Is there anything I can use to 'paint' over the design?

26 Feb 2015

The Crafty (Magazine) Review Thread!

A question about : The Crafty (Magazine) Review Thread!

Welcome to this review thread. a place to review and talk about your favourite crafty magazine. title=Smile

Over on the Cross Stitch Cafe thread, we often share our thoughts on the latest stitchy magazine offerings. Looking back these posts are invaluable at reminding us what was published but these posts do tend to get lost amongst the general chit chat so I thought they would be worthy of their very own thread!

26 Feb 2015

Sewing-what have you made this week?

A question about : Sewing-what have you made this week?

I have loooked for a similar thread but can't find one. Please forgive me if I have missed one already in existance.

My greatest pleasure as an OS MS is sewing, I knit, rag rug and cook too but sewing is my favourite past time. I was retired from teaching on health grounds in 2006 and since then have only actually made two items, 2 peg bags. I feel I need encouragement to start sewing again and more especially to finish items I started years and years ago.

26 Feb 2015

Summer activities for kids: crafting ideas

A question about : Summer activities for kids: crafting ideas

Hi everyone

What crafting activities do you have planned for your kids for the summer holidays that'll help other MoneySavers?

There are other summer holiday suggestions in our Summer Holiday Tips guide, which is being updated now for this summer, our Days Out, Free Festivals and Free Museums guides plus Free ways to entertain the kids.

If you're a newbie and want to join in the conversation join the forum and log in, it's free to do.