09 Mar 2015

Making a scrapbook . . . . Need some ideas

A question about : Making a scrapbook . . . . Need some ideas

hi. I have been searching for ideas for months and could really do with some help now as I seem to have come to a dead end. My mum makes her own cakes and has uncovered an amazing talent. Her cakes are amazing. It's her birthday soon and I would like to make some kind of memory book or scrapbook with pictures of all her cakes but would like to make it a bit different and quirky

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

09 Mar 2015

Soulie's 15 projects in 2015

A question about : Soulie's 15 projects in 2015

Last minute I know but here is the new thread for 2015

This is a continuation of the 14 in 2014 in memory of Soulie thread.

There are very few rules other than the usual MSE forum ones of being nice etc

The aim is to complete 15 craft projects in 2015. Any type of craft counts. One of the joys of the 2014 was seeing the huge variety of different things produced

You can draw up and post a list now or take it as it comes - whatever suits you best

09 Mar 2015

Glue for card and paper crafting

A question about : Glue for card and paper crafting

I do a lot of card and paper craft and I'm struggling with the best (and most cost effective) glue.

PVA type is too wet and makes the paper wrinkly. Finding that the rollers that discharge temporary glue dots are ok, but a few weeks later the glue has failed

I notice that on tv craft programmes they tend to use double sided sticky tape - to excess imo.

Would be interested in opinions


09 Mar 2015

Sewing chiffon

A question about : Sewing chiffon


Are there any dress makers out there that can advise me please?

I've bought some gorgeous chiffon fabric that I am going to make into a dress.

I am a bit of a novice with the sewing machine, I've been sewing since April last year and an comfortable making bags & pouches and I made my Christmas dress.