26 Feb 2015

Anyone crafting for Christmas Fair?

A question about : Anyone crafting for Christmas Fair?

Thought I would ask if anyone wants to share ideas on what to make for Christmas Fair.

I have made a start with sock and flannel cakes, Santa Sleighs
and tic tac snowman poop.

Would love some other ideas and pics of other peoples makes.


26 Feb 2015

Cross stitch

A question about : Cross stitch

Does anyone know where l can get a free pattern/chart for a campervan. I have founds some but they are a little too big as l was thinking of having a go at making some keyring sized ones (l am new to cross stitch so wanted it to be simple).

lf l had pattern would it be easy to convert it and if so where would l begin?

Many thanks

26 Feb 2015

Help with Dressmakers Dummy

A question about : Help with Dressmakers Dummy

My daughter (aged 10) has asked for a dress makers dummy for Christmas, she has recently started to use my sewing machine, is totally addicted to watching 'The Great British Sewing Bee' and would like to design and sew her own clothes.
Obviously something I wish to encourage.

Can anyone advise on which Dressmakers dummy to choose.

26 Feb 2015

Table covering for Xmas craft stall *****HELP***

A question about : Table covering for Xmas craft stall *****HELP***

Hope somebody can help me.

This year I am helping my mum out with her first ever craft stall. Now the table is supplied by the venue, it's 6 foot and needs to be covered all sides. Can anyone advise how big the cover should be and where I could purchase one from? We have even looked at bed sheets we are getting that desperate!!!

Thanks in advance