09 Mar 2015

Ceramic Remembrance poppies

A question about : Ceramic Remembrance poppies

My poppy has arrived but I don't know what to do with it. It was going in the garden but apparently the poppies are not frost resistant. Any ideas for displaying it please? It seems a bit top heavy to put in a tall vase.

09 Mar 2015

Ideas for selling unwanted card craft stash?

A question about : Ideas for selling unwanted card craft stash?

I recently moved to a smaller place & just don't have the room for all the craft stuff I've amassed over the years, so need to get rid of it. As a non driver, a boot fair or similar is out.

09 Mar 2015

Struggling with Intarsia

A question about : Struggling with Intarsia

I decided to try my hand at Intarsia to make some knitted jumpers with pictures for the grandchildren. I am really struggling despite making up lots of different coloured mini spools in different colours to use.

One of my problems is that with normal knitting you end up with a large loop at the end of the row unless you take avoiding action (I usually put the wool forward and slip the last stitch on each row to get round this issue.)

09 Mar 2015

Sizzix Big Shot Plus (new wider machine)

A question about : Sizzix Big Shot Plus (new wider machine)

Looking on the .com website, it looks like Sizzix are bringing out a wider machine named the Big Shot Plus.

It states to check craft shops in May, but that's America, so don't know when they'll be available in the Uk.

(that'll give you all a few months to save up title=Smile )