09 Mar 2015

Using a BFPO address

A question about : Using a BFPO address

My son has just joined his regiment in BFG and has needs me to send over his paper counterpart of his driving license. He's sent me his address, but looking online I'm not sure how to write it on the envelope.
He's given me his regiment, barracks and troop details and basically the postal address of the barracks as well as the BFPO no.
Do I use all of this, or just his regt, barracks and troop details with the BFPO? (I saw an example like this online)

09 Mar 2015

Want to send my friend a gift

A question about : Want to send my friend a gift


I would like to send my friend a late Xmas pressie. Her bfpo is 367.

Does this come under the free 2kg postage rule?

She is on a ship, am I even able to send her a parcel? Or just letters?


09 Mar 2015

Pension Advice

A question about : Pension Advice

I am trying to help my mother with a query about pension entitlement.
She joined the WRAF 18/10/1971 and left 29/03/1978.
She originally signed up for a 9 year term of service with the option to leave after 6 which she took up as her husband at the time, also in the RAF had completed his term and did not want to sign up again and from what i understand, the rules at the time meant she could not continue to serve as he had left.

09 Mar 2015

Veterans support in Scotland

A question about : Veterans support in Scotland

Hi guys, Does anyone know of any support groups for veterans in Scotland? I'm working on a project at minute that provides support to ex servicemen and women to take the right steps and training towards gaining employment.

Finding it really hard to track down support groups or organisations that help veterans.

Any info would be great.