09 Mar 2015

Boot Polish?

A question about : Boot Polish?

Hi there,
My DS aged 16 had his army selection last week and is off to AFC Harrogate in September. We've not yet got the kit list but looking at last year's I've been spreading the cost and buying bits n pieces each week.
The list just says Boot Polish, but from reading around I understand it is Kiwi brand only. I've bought a couple of tins of the Parade Gloss black, but I wondered if the normal black was suitable. It's half the price so if it will do I'll just get this one.

09 Mar 2015

Naval Families Federation: Jan/Feb e-update

A question about : Naval Families Federation: Jan/Feb e-update


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Highlights in this edition include:

09 Mar 2015

Your Views Wanted: CarillionAmey

A question about : Your Views Wanted: CarillionAmey

CarillionAmey took over the UK-wide contract for Service Family Accommodation (SFA) in November/December 2014. They offer a ‘one-stop service’ for all SFA matters, from allocation to maintenance.

We would like your feedback on the service offered by CarillionAmey, which we will use to inform key stakeholder meetings.

This survey focuses on the service provided by CarillionAmey since November 2014 for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and December 2014 for the rest of the UK.

09 Mar 2015

AIP Issues

A question about : AIP Issues


Has anyone on here been called in for a brief to be told about the pay increment they put in was wrong someone down the line had made a mistake and in shouldn't of been accepted and now a load of personnel are having to repay back the money some its only Ј50 others its in the Ј1000's. Its not happened to me but it has to others in my work which in my eyes is not fair if the RAF have ballsed up it there fault I don't know how they can legally take that money back.