09 Mar 2015

Discounts for UK Veterans in USA

A question about : Discounts for UK Veterans in USA


Planning a trip to New York in November and was wondering if there are any benefits available to ex military personnel in the States. We are looking at discounts on accommodation predominently; however, any other advice would be gratefully received.

Would greatly appreciate any help out there from those that have been there and experienced it and any advice that we should follow.

09 Mar 2015

Forgot service number

A question about : Forgot service number

Basically when I moved house I lost my service number and discharge papers. It was several years ago and now I need both is there anyway to get access to them? I doubt if I called or went to to the base anyone would recognize me.

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09 Mar 2015

Injured Playing Football

A question about : Injured Playing Football

Just wanted to pick someones brain, i was playing football last week in works time. It wasn't an official match just a kickabout with the lads in the section i ended up breaking my ankle.

Can i put a claim in or is it tough luck just one of those things?

09 Mar 2015

Alarm facility when phone frozen

A question about : Alarm facility when phone frozen

My daughter is now deployed overseas and is due to have her mobile phone account frozen tomorrow, will she be able to use the facility's ie alarm clock she is with orange/ee

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