09 Mar 2015

Pension and tax returns?

A question about : Pension and tax returns?

Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to give us some advice and save us a call to the tax office.

My husband has recently left the army and now has a new job as well as his pension. His new job should be putting him on the BR tax code, his army job and pension have used the 1000l code. I assume we will need to fill out a tax return for the year to apr 2015 to ensure the correct amount of tax has been paid?

09 Mar 2015

MOD Tax reclaims update

A question about : MOD Tax reclaims update

As an ex soldier i have looked into this a lot over the last few weeks.

The rules have changed since April however will be staying the same this year. Here is a rough guide.

Must have been on a camp for less than 2 years ( or expected to )

Phase 2 can now be claimed for ( this is any time after your first 12 weeks in the army ) Not sure about other services.

Their are 2 companies that provide this service

Rift who charge 28% + Vat

Forces money that charge 25%

09 Mar 2015

shared pensions

A question about : shared pensions

Hi i currently receive a portion of my exs military pension. He has just turned 55 so his pension has gone up. I rang the helpline to see if my share will also go up and was told no as my share is calculated on the pension at the time of the divorce. However when i read the courts pension order to them they had no answer and suggested i write in, which i have
The court order states that i am to receive 50% of exs pension annuity until i remarry or there is another court order. I havent remarried and there is no new court order

09 Mar 2015

Previous service

A question about : Previous service

3 years reckonable service with Army, break of 3 years and then joined RAF with 18yrs RAF service completed so far.

I signed for 22yrs, but my actual contract is for 19yrs as the RAF have counted my previous army service - so in their eye i will have completed 22yrs (make sense?!)

However, i have 2 colleagues who have previous service, but they will complete the full 22yrs and the previous service only counts for pension, NOT for actual length of service.