09 Mar 2015

Armed Forces Board Sticky

A question about : Armed Forces Board Sticky

Hi folks

This is the new Armed Forces Board Sticky where links to all current important threads will be kept.

Why a specific armed forces board?

Military discount thread (MERGED) Please post all discounts here!

26 Feb 2015

Using LSAP as a house deposit

A question about : Using LSAP as a house deposit

My partner and I are expecting a baby at the end of March, and have decided that we would like to buy a house together, rather than renting (we currently live apart, 170 miles from each other). I am a degree student (final year) and my partner is an avionics engineer in the RAF, with nearly 7 years service.

26 Feb 2015

Can you claim TAX back on Home to Duty ?

A question about : Can you claim TAX back on Home to Duty ?

I was wondering if any one could help me as i commute daily to work and its a total 170 mile round trip, although i only get the first 50 mile each way.

I heard a rumour that i can or could claim the tax back on fuel ?
Has anyone out there done this or is it possible and if so how ?

Many thanks

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