26 Feb 2015

Military Discounts

A question about : Military Discounts

When the other thread started I was going to list them all for easy access, but never got round to doing it, so still don't know what companies do discount lol. Maybe one day ...

Really want to make the most of discounts so can anyone tell me what local shops do military discount, eg, river island, wilkinsons etc.

Any you know of?

26 Feb 2015

Claim what you are owed.

A question about : Claim what you are owed.

As HR Admin (Clerk), i have noticed that a lot of soldiers, do not try or do not know how to claim what they are owed.

Incidental Allowance, £5 UK and £10 Overseas per 24 hrs for when on course. Even if the course was a few months back then still bang the claim in, as long as you can prove you went on course.

LSA, when you are away for 9 days or more, starting @ £6.38, depending what level you are on. Check to see if you total is correct as you might be owed some days.

26 Feb 2015

Apple IMac forces discount??

A question about : Apple IMac forces discount??

Has anyone tried to get a discount for an IMac using their ID card???

Would be interesting to know as I fancy buying one of the new 24inch IMacs but at 1500 quid its a little steep.....stufents get a discount....US forces get a discount so I was wondering if we do

Can't see anything on the forces discount thread or after googling.

26 Feb 2015

What to send to Afghanistan?

A question about : What to send to Afghanistan?

I want to send a parcel/packet to a guy in his 20s who's just gone out to Afghanistan. Can anyone give me an idea of the things that are most needed or would be most appreciated. I might as well fill up the 2Kg packet - so any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

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