26 Feb 2015

Mortgages for those serving in the forces

A question about : Mortgages for those serving in the forces

26 Feb 2015

Army Divorce advice

A question about : Army Divorce advice

Hi all
Not sure if I am in the right place, but any advice would be greatful.
After 14 years of marriage to a soldier I walked in on him and my best mate in a compramising position in my kitchen, we have been together much longer but only married the 14 years
The marriage then ended rather quickly.
I am trying to work out what im entittled to in regard to his pension, he is a ssgt and im aware of what his pension will be but does anyone know how the pension gets dealt with during a divorce?

26 Feb 2015


A question about : DA

I have read many conflicting reports and heard of just as many. Are we entitled to Disturbance Allowance on first move?

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26 Feb 2015

Totally disgusted

A question about : Totally disgusted

I have heard today that our soldiers in the UK army now have to pay for their food, 3 meals a day. Now maybe I have this wrong I hope so, but I have been told that these men and women who give their lives for us when they return to thier camps from active service have to pay for 3 meals a day. If they run out of money they can sign a book hungry soldier and will be given food but the rest of their group suffer.