26 Feb 2015

Anyone had problems with evan halshaw?

A question about : Anyone had problems with evan halshaw?

I purchased a car through evans halshaw last year, the car I liked wasn't at the branch I went to so they said evans halshaw in Scotland do and the salesman said they would be able to transfer it from one branch to another no problem.
I recently looked through all the charges that was on the paperwork and found that they had charged me 500 pounds to transfer it from Scotland to Hertfordshire without letting me know! Is this legal?
Anyone had the same thing happen to them?

26 Feb 2015

Buying a company van

A question about : Buying a company van


A week or so ago I found a thread here about a paid-for checking facility on buying a used vehicle, and now I can't find it!!

I'm a total donut when it comes to buying cars, but I'm in a position where I need to buy a company van. It will almost certainly be a used vehicle and I'd like to ensure it is totally legit.

What is the facility called, and can anyone tell me which criteria I need to be aware of when buying, so that I make sure I use the most comprehensive facility?

Thanks in advance experts,

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Dashcam

I have one of these

It's fitted, problem is, numerous icons on the screen are flashing, I've n idea what the icon means or why it's flashing, the manual is useless and doesn't give any indication what each icon refers to, anyone know where I can get the information from?

26 Feb 2015

That last drop of petrol!

A question about : That last drop of petrol!

Probably a stupid question. After reading about filling up with less petrol to make your car lighter therefor reducing fuel costs; it got me thinking when filling up.

How many times have you took your hand off the pump when filling up and the figure has been short of a nice round figure eg. Ј19.73 Ј10.37 Ј 14.62 etc