26 Feb 2015

would you risk booking a holiday now ?

A question about : would you risk booking a holiday now ?

hi all

would you risk booking a holiday for august with all that is going on with the volcano ash cloud.

i am looking to book a package holiday with thomsons and just wandered what other people would do /think we are going to ibiza and was going to book it tonight should i / shouldnt i ?

thanks in advance title=Bigtitle=Big

26 Feb 2015

Stranded in Athens

A question about : Stranded in Athens

26 Feb 2015

terrible customer service, is it worth complaning?

A question about : terrible customer service, is it worth complaning?

After returning from Cyprus on Sunday, we were flown to Stanstead instead of East Midlands. We saw on Sky news Sunday am that EM would be closed from 1pm, called our tour operator to be told its rubbish and that EM was open. Got on coach to Larnaca airport (we were last passengers on the coach) rep assured everybody that everything we had heard was not true and that we would be flying to EM on time, if not a little early!

26 Feb 2015

Independent Travel Insurance advice

A question about : Independent Travel Insurance advice

Hi all,

I booked a villa in Spain and Ryanair flights seperately. This was back in April when the volcano had only just erupted (so was not fully aware of the impending problems).

Am looking at insurance, and the way I see it, I am only going to be covering myself/family for medical expenses/liability, etc.

The way I see it, all I can get is a refund from Ryanair should our flight be cancelled and a villa refund if the villa company I booked with goes bust. Correct?