26 Feb 2015

BA refund for expenses

A question about : BA refund for expenses

Hi All,

We were affected by the closure of UK airspace due to the volcanic ash cloud back in April and we were wondering how people are getting on claiming refunds for expenses from British Airways or indeed if anyone has received a refund for expenses from BA yet?

To outline our situation, we were due to fly back from Jamaica on Saturday 17th April but our flight was cancelled and when we eventually got through to BA they couldn't book us on to another flight until Thursday 29th April (an additional 12 nights).

26 Feb 2015

BMI Baby

A question about : BMI Baby

Has anybody had any response from BMIbaby with regard to expenses incurred whilst stranded due the volcanic ash storm?

I wrote to BMIbaby as soon as we returned. No response, not even an acknowledgement of my letter. I have sent another letter, still no response!

Does anybody have an e-mail address or some other way of contacting BMIbaby because I cannot find another way of contacting them.

Any help much appreciated.

26 Feb 2015

Jet2 claims and travel insurance

A question about : Jet2 claims and travel insurance


I have just received a form off Jet2 (after 3 weeks) to claim accomodation and food expenses due to the ash cloud.

On the form it is asking for details of my travel insurance.

What is the relationship between Jet2 compensation and travel insurance compensation?

Will Jet2 deduct any travel insurance I might recieve (which won't be much)?

The truth is I will still be out of pocket if Jet2 reimburse all I am claiming and I get the travel insurance for a delayed/cancelled flight.

26 Feb 2015

What is a package?

A question about : What is a package?

I just booked what I thought was a package holiday,flights and hotel etc, with onthebeach.co.uk. When I got the confirmation though it says that it's holidays are not a package and are not covered by the Package regulations. I think this is all a bit underhand.The deposit they have taken is Ј415, which I can't afford to lose. Does anyone think I can get this back if I cancel?