09 Mar 2015

Trapped by floods in Morocco

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Just got back from Morocco having been trapped in the Ouazazarte area. The roads and bridges were all washed away and the only way out was by air. Thanks to the Moroccan government we were all airlifted out to Marrakech free of charge. However, I missed my flight back to the UK so I had to buy a new one and had a night in a hotel. I can't find anything in the insurance policy that covers this. The policy only seems to cover you if the flight was cancelled or if public transport (i.e. vehicles) fails. Any advice at all please?

26 Feb 2015

KLM make official statement on ash not good news :(

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Refunds due to volcanic eruption in Iceland

26 Feb 2015

Klm claim

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26 Feb 2015

BMI wouldn't do "duty of care"

A question about : BMI wouldn't do "duty of care"

I know this is a really common story, but after the big shutdown in April I thought airlines had learned their lesson (didn't Ryanair get fined for not putting people up etc?).

I was at a conference last weekend and due to fly back from Birmingham to Aberdeen on Sunday night. They cancelled the flight due to ash just when I got to the airport and said they wouldn't put my baby and I up in a hotel or give us any meal vouchers because it wasn't their fault. I showed them the EC regs on my phone but no dice.