09 Mar 2015

Ashcloud Compensation

A question about : Ashcloud Compensation

Has anyone taken the small claims court route and won or challenged AA Airlines How did you get on as am at a cross roads as to what to do next as CA can not help us anymore at the end of 4 years of trying.
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09 Mar 2015

Ash Cloud

A question about : Ash Cloud

I got stranded in Spain during the ashcloud for 6 days am I entitled to compensation??.I still have all the paperwork.
I was told by Easyjet I wasnt but,my daughter received compensation from Ryanair.

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09 Mar 2015

Would you swap your travel insurance

A question about : Would you swap your travel insurance

Hi again. Been a while.

We are going to Spain 5/9 to 15/9.
We have annual cover which DOES NOT cover volcanic ash issues.
I have a few minor medical issues which Top Dog (the insurer) are aware of.

A new single trip policy with volcanic ash cover would cost about Ј60.

The risk rating has gone down to orange, and the CAA (reportedly)say this time any eruption would be unlikely to cause flight cancellations like last time.

09 Mar 2015

Volcano -2014 Bardarbunga about to blow

A question about : Volcano -2014 Bardarbunga about to blow

Of course THIS is the year we decided to try for a last minute holiday in early September - should have listened to Martin and got a force majure cover on my annual policy.

I have been calling around and Thomposons & Thomas Cook both say they would get us home if Bardabunga blows & stops flights - but only as a verbal opinion of the person on the phone.

Would be VERY useful if Martin could wangle a formal statement from some of the tour operators.