09 Mar 2015

2010 Volcanic Ash Cloud Compensation

A question about : 2010 Volcanic Ash Cloud Compensation

I'm extremely confused so please help.

On this site, there was a template letter to use to claim for cancellation/compensation which I used for Easyjet.

After a long wait for a reply, they have said I am not due compensation due to 'non-extraordinary circumstances' i.e. bad weather. What is going on?

09 Mar 2015

misselling of holiday, advice needed please.

A question about : misselling of holiday, advice needed please.

We booked A 5 star all inclusive to turkey, allocation on arrival with Ola holidays.

When we called them on the day of departure, we were told that the 5star hotels were fully booked and we'd get a Ј20 each refund as we chose to accept a 4 star, an so began a series of errors from Ola;

1. We were not met at the airport as agreed, if we had not called before departure, we would have been stranded!

09 Mar 2015

Do I need insurance for ash cloud?

A question about : Do I need insurance for ash cloud?

Apologies if this has been asked previously, but I was wondering if I need my travel insurance to cover the possibility of another volcanic ash cloud disruption or whether my package holiday (Thomsons) would cover it - i.e. would they give me my money back in full, transfer my holiday etc? If I need the extra insurance, does anyone know if the AXA Premier is a good policy? Thanks.

09 Mar 2015

Air France Flight

A question about : Air France Flight


Not sure if this subforum still get's visited. Maybe I should have posted it into the Air Force Thread?

I'm well aware that the Airline usually doesn't offer compensation in case of Volcano Attacks, but I am hoping that my case might be special.

On 20 Dec 2011 I wanted to fly from LHR to STR to visit a part of my family for Christmas. My flight was over Paris - so the full routing was LHR - CDG & CDG - STR.