26 Feb 2015

Parking Eye Fine

A question about : Parking Eye Fine

Hi, i have recently received a parking fine from Parking Eye, as i parked on a car park at The Wharf, Walsall, for 2 and a bit hours without purchasing a ticket.

Firstly, i realised i hadnt got a ticket as i walked back to the car after our shopping trip with my two children. But by then the damage was done, i honestly didnt even notice the signs,, i was so in uniform shoppin mode.

26 Feb 2015

Previous customer wants their money back, can they ?

A question about : Previous customer wants their money back, can they ?

I have been looking after someones website for a few years and now I feel a mug by accepting less than 1/3 minimum wage ! (once I take out all the expenses)

I felt it was time to move on and let this project go and emailed him, he said he did not get it. I said that I could not provide this service anymore as he was wanting too much and as he was looking around I said for him to find someone else. I then deleted the site.

26 Feb 2015

credit file default

A question about : credit file default

Hi im new to the forums so i apologise if this isn't the correct section.

26 Feb 2015

executor redponsible for council tax?

A question about : executor redponsible for council tax?


Wondered if someone has the knowledge and would be kind enough to advise us.

My partners Father passed away and both she and her sister were made executors. To cut a long story short after about 2.5 yrs his house was repossed as it just wouldnt sell - it went for less than he actually paid for the property and with all the bills there was nothing left in the estate.

We have now received a council tax bill for the property for Ј1300 is my partner and sister actually liable for this?