26 Feb 2015

PC World and Blackberry

A question about : PC World and Blackberry

I was wondering if someone could tell me if the following is legal as it seems to go against the sales of goods act.

PC World offer a refund/replacement if an item is not repaired after it has been returned to them for 28 days but on their web site they have this clause

26 Feb 2015

Please help re care home fees

A question about : Please help re care home fees

Hello. Hopefully I may get some help as I am getting nowhere with Social Services. My mother is 93 and suffers with dementia and various other illnesses. We had the Dr from the memory clinic out on Wednesday who said she was far worse now than she was in Jan had we thought of putting her into care.

26 Feb 2015

Daughter's pay reduced without consultation

A question about : Daughter's pay reduced without consultation

My 17 year old daughter is at school she does some casual work as needed for a local business where my wife works; stuffing envelopes, photocopying, filing -- basically the monotonous stuff that the full timers avoid.

26 Feb 2015

Please help. Inheritance worry

A question about : Please help. Inheritance worry

Hi there,

My mum has inherited 27000 from my fathers death. She receives pension credit and council tax benefit. She doesn't want or need this money and wants to give me and my brother the lion share of it. After the funeral cost and buying a car she s left with about 23000.

She is worried that if she gives my brother and I 7000 each, we may have to pay inheritance tax or she may be accused of deliberate depreciation of her money and will lose her benefits.