09 Mar 2015

Understand the equity in a car on PCP

A question about : Understand the equity in a car on PCP

I'm looking into buying a new (nearly) on finance, via PCP.

After the 4 year term is up, there is one part I'm currently unsure of even after Googling and speaking with the dealer.

They are telling me one option is to use the car as equity to have another car after the term (48 months) is up. The GMV they are stating based on my milage is Ј12,000.

09 Mar 2015

Quick 4/5 door car for under 4k

A question about : Quick 4/5 door car for under 4k


I am looking for ideas for a reliable, quick (less than 7 sec to 60mph) family car, for under Ј4k.

Currently have a Mitsubishi FTO but will need to change it at some point for a 4/5 door hatch/saloon so I have more space for the little one.

Ideally I don't want it older than 2002 ish.

Thanks for your suggestions!

09 Mar 2015

Bmw 135

A question about : Bmw 135

Approved dealership is offering the following arrangement on this car:

PCP: Ј26,995. Deposit Ј3,995 (trade in + cash from me). Financing Ј22,997 @ 5.8% APR. bubble of Ј13,107. Cost of finance over 4 years Ј4,131. Total cost of Ј31,126. Repayments of Ј299. 8,000 miles (won't be a problem - I'm pretty central)

09 Mar 2015

difference between 85 bhp & 105 bhp

A question about : difference between 85 bhp & 105 bhp

In the process of looking for a 2013 petrol golf and the choice seems to be 85 bhp and 105bhp in a 1.2l engine. I test drove the 105bhp and loved it but it's more expensive (about Ј1.5k more and 20k less miles). Is it worth the extra money? What's the main difference