09 Mar 2015

Do car leasing companies report to CRAs?

A question about : Do car leasing companies report to CRAs?

I'm looking into leasing a car but would like to know if in general car leasing companies report the monthly payments to the CRAs.

Does anyone with a personal car lease know?

I've tried looking on various leasing websites but they don't really detail this. I know they'll run a credit check during the application but I want to know if a new credit account will then appear on Experian, Equifax or CallCredit updated with each monthly payment.


09 Mar 2015

dodgey 2nd hand car

A question about : dodgey 2nd hand car

hi after some advice

09 Mar 2015

Leasing cars...

A question about : Leasing cars...

Hi, Am I right in thinking that if a company leases a car for a few years, then the company are responsible for insurance, road fund licence and paying for service and repairs? I'm trying to evaluate the pros and cons of leasing cars - I assume that as a company wouldn't own a car then there would be no depreciation charge

09 Mar 2015

Delay registration on a pre-reg car

A question about : Delay registration on a pre-reg car

Hello all,
I recently agreed to buy a new pre-reg car from a dealer and was given an estimated delivery date on end of Jan. I was told at the time that the date may vary and the dealer would give me weekly updates.
The dealer has been doing this and the latest delivery date is estimated at 24th Feb.