26 Feb 2015

Cheap Motorway Petrol

A question about : Cheap Motorway Petrol

I was recently running low on petrol whilst travelling up the M40.

The services at J8A (BP?) were charging a scandalous 85p per litre.

Drive a little further up the road (less than a mile) past the Oxford services and you will come to a 24-hour Asda supermarket filling station. !The price there? A mere 77p per litre!

Shall we start a list of ways to get back at the service stations and their outrageous pricing policies?

26 Feb 2015

Car service

A question about : Car service

Not sure which board to put this on. Just been quoted Ј140 for a full service and then an extra Ј181 to replace the cambelt + bits on a V reg Vauxhall Vectra 1.6. Does anyone know anywere that does it cheaper? This quote was from Nationwide Autocentres and includes the Ј15 tesco clubcard discount.

26 Feb 2015

Free car price checker?

A question about : Free car price checker?

Hello there,
We've just been to a Renault dealer as we would like a Renault Scenic and part exchange our Clio. new baby comes with a mountain of stuff, dont they .... need bigger boot!!!!
But I would like to check on the quote he gave us (think it's a bit high) for the Scenic and so far the car price checker I found ask for a fee.. does anybody know a free one? I shall try haggling although not sure if i'm good at it..title=Frown..
Thanks in advance

26 Feb 2015

TheTrainLine dissappearing fares

A question about : TheTrainLine dissappearing fares

Has anyone been able to actual get any of these tickets? I am trying to arrange for 2 adults and 3 children to travel to London for a couple of days in July. Received the special offer flyer today from school and yet the site seems to show no availability for any of the trains that I am trying to get. Anybody know of tricks or a search technique? ???