26 Feb 2015

Cat C car been in accident with uninsured driver

A question about : Cat C car been in accident with uninsured driver

26 Feb 2015

Online car mtce advice?

A question about : Online car mtce advice?

Is there an online equivalent to the Haynes manual???

I have to change the brake pads on my Mondeo and was looking for some guidance........my search has this far been unsuccessfull.


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26 Feb 2015

need a train to norwich from birmingham

A question about : need a train to norwich from birmingham

Hi guys just wondered if you have any moneysaver tips. basically i need to get to norwich tomorrow (friday) and back on saturday from birmingham.

im fairly flexible on times but i cant really leave before 1pm

the trainline was quoting around 68 pounds which i could not believe.
my friend at the university of east anglia says it normally costs him around 40.

any advice, oh and what train will i get? will it just be a standard centro one or will it be virgin voyager or what?

26 Feb 2015

cheapest hyundai service ?

A question about : cheapest hyundai service ?

my huyndai getz is coming up to its 10,000 mile service.

although i bought it from a dealer, i did not get the free service offer and so am now looking for the cheapest place to service it and to stay within the terms of the warranty - guess that means official hyundai place but i would imagine prices vary with diff dealers.

has anybody got any experience of which is cheapest and how much the service is likely to cost