09 Mar 2015

Car Radio Unlocking

A question about : Car Radio Unlocking

Highly specific this one, but when you need it it can save a lot of money.

Following a repair for accident damage my radio was left locked. On contacting the dealer I bought the car from I was told that they had no record of the radio code and that it would cost £25 plus VAT to get it for me (nice little earner for them this one, which I refused to pay on principle!).

Anyway I went radioless for a few months, but had a trip to do and wanted the radio. So after a bit of a search yesterday, I found:

09 Mar 2015

no-fault car crash.... write-off... now what?

A question about : no-fault car crash.... write-off... now what?

Hi Everybody!
Unfortunately, I was involved in a accident last night on the M1. I was travelling in lane 1 in a 'roadworks' area. A lorry ( in lane 2 ) forced me off the road as he came across into my lane and clipped my wing mirror.
My car went head-on into the start of a concrete barrier that was in place to protect the workforce. The car is a complete write off.

09 Mar 2015

New wheels, lowered suspension

A question about : New wheels, lowered suspension

I'm thinking of buying a new set of wheels for a car I'm buying and possibly lower it a little bit.
The wheels I'd get would perhaps be an inch larger but maintain the same diameter as they come from the same type of car but a different spec. The shorter springs would also be compatible with a higher spec car.

I take it that I have to declare the change to the insurance company. Can I expect a punishment from them in the form of increased premiums?

09 Mar 2015

Tomtom Go 50,60, 500 or 600 Camera alert

A question about : Tomtom Go 50,60, 500 or 600 Camera alert

Hi members,
I am thinking of replacing my tomtom and came across this new range of tomtoms which offer lifetime map updates and free traffic updates which involves connecting it with your smartphone.
However all the above mentioned models i.e (Go 50,60,500 & 600) mention that the camera alerts are for just 3 months and after that a yearly subscription of Ј19.99 is needed.