09 Mar 2015

Car broke down

A question about : Car broke down

So our car broke down in the parking lot at work.
We called 2 mobile mechanics, paid a few hundred pounds on various parts and still not working. Now the mechanic said that we may try something that cost Ј500 (comes in a week) and may work. No guarantees. Car is worth about Ј3000 title=Frown
I am thinking of cutting our loses and sell the car to scrap or for parts ? Is it possible ? Do we have to have it towed home ?

09 Mar 2015

Which car for occasional trips? Dacia?

A question about : Which car for occasional trips? Dacia?

I have no experience of buying cars.

I am looking for a reliable car, which I will use for trips out of town, shopping, occasional roadtrips, but not for commuting. I’m very open to any brands and sizes of car, but ideally I would like something with air conditioning.

The car which is on my mind is a new Dacia Sandero Laureate for Ј8,795. For a similar price I know I could get, for example, a second hand VW Polo or similar, but would that really be any better?

09 Mar 2015

Biggest culprits

A question about : Biggest culprits

who are the worst in your area - for sheffield area my choices would be:-

1 - Taxi Drivers
2- BMW drivers
3 - 4x4 drivers/audi drivers

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09 Mar 2015

Finding a qualified car electrician?

A question about : Finding a qualified car electrician?

Hi all, I'm looking for some tips please on how to find a good qualified local car electrician?

With normal electricians and plumbers etc there are sites like checkatrade. But what is there for car garages? I have a small bit of rewiring that needs doing and I'm not confident to try it myself so have to put my trust in a garage for the first time.

Are these garage electricians even required to be qualified?

I'm just concerned they are going to make a mess of it, want it done right first time.