26 Feb 2015

Car Tyres

A question about : Car Tyres

I normally buy the cheapest budget tyres I can for my car. Thats because I normally end up getting a nail in them and I think its better to spend Ј40 rather than Ј80+.

What is the main difference between budget and branded tyres? ???

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26 Feb 2015

Cheaper Petrol

A question about : Cheaper Petrol

I was filling up my car the other day when it suddenly dawned on me that you can probably get petrol for cheaper.

You know when you finish putting petrol in and there's that last bit that usually dribbles onto the floor. Well there's about 50ml of the stuff I reckon. So what I've started doing is holding the handle down and letting go every litre. You must get a couple of litres free, or am I just being stupid.

Cheap I know but I'm sure I'm getting a bit of a saving.

26 Feb 2015

New 5 Door car needed...Prefer Focus

A question about : New 5 Door car needed...Prefer Focus


Can anyone help me. Last month a local garage were offering 5 door Old shape Focus 1.4 Cl for Ј7995 and Focus 1.6LX with aircon for Ј8495.

I thought as the new Focus would be out in Jan 2005, the price would fall or remain the same. I am now starting to look to replace my 3 door corsa with a Family sized 5 Door car and wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction for a decent deal on a new car.

Does anyone know what is expected to happen with Old shape Focus Prices?

26 Feb 2015

Car servicing in France

A question about : Car servicing in France

Dear french car owners,
Does anyone know of any garages in Calais/Boulgne/Dunkerk or their vicinity where I could have my renault laguna serviced? I have had quotes in my locality from Ј6-800 for a 72k service (with a new cam belt fitted) and I'm sure I could get it done cheaper across the channel. Any help very greatly appreciated.