26 Feb 2015

A question about : Car service

Not sure which board to put this on. Just been quoted Ј140 for a full service and then an extra Ј181 to replace the cambelt + bits on a V reg Vauxhall Vectra 1.6. Does anyone know anywere that does it cheaper? This quote was from Nationwide Autocentres and includes the Ј15 tesco clubcard discount.

Best answers:

  • i have my big service coming up for my corsa
    have been quoted Ј130 but looking to get cheaper
  • try ringing up a couple of places or maybe ask the salesperson who sold you the car to have a word, normally works, that is assuming that you brought the car from a dealership, etc.
  • Mobile self-employed mechanics can be good, a service starts at Ј100. Find a good one & stick with him! Remember that a standard service involves no more than Oil Change, swap Oil Filter, swap Air Filter & maybe Spark Plugs. A good tradesman would inspect your brakes too and test drive the car.