26 Feb 2015

Mother died with debt and no estate. Help needed

A question about : Mother died with debt and no estate. Help needed

My mum died and she was in debt with many credit card, loan and debt agencies.

She took out a few life insurance plans which I know that once the funeral has been paid for, the rest will have to go to them.

Can anyone advise as to the following;

26 Feb 2015


A question about : Probate

Did you know that you can do probate yourself, you don't need to see a solicitor?

That could be a moneysaving option for you.title=Wink

My OH and his brother did the probate for their father's will. From memory, here is the process:

Download the probate forms from the web, complete them and post them with the relevant documents (the deceased's will and death certificate).

Ask for an appointment at the nearest probate office to your location.

26 Feb 2015

Can you challenge a will prior to death?

A question about : Can you challenge a will prior to death?

Have found out my mums will has been changed 18 months ago, my step father also changed his at the same time. This will substantially affect the beneficiaries.
I say the will has been changed rather than changed because my mum was suffering advanced dementia at the time, she is now in a nursing home, only able to be fed and totally relies on the staff for all her needs. That she was able to sign this baffles myself and my siblings as she did not recognise us or could not function independently at all.

26 Feb 2015

Contesting a Will

A question about : Contesting a Will


I wanted some opinions and advice , but not to be judged , so i made MSE my first stop..

situation is:

My ex Mother in law died recently
she had a son who was my husband , who died in 1998 , leaving our three children looked after ok and myself , i have since remarried.

She also had a daughter who died in 1986 , that person had two kids , who my ex mother in law took in and her and her husband (who has since died 1996) looked after them until adulthood

My kids are now 26,28,32