26 Feb 2015

does an executor have to keep beneficiaries informed

A question about : does an executor have to keep beneficiaries informed

26 Feb 2015

Will Writing Services Ltd

A question about : Will Writing Services Ltd

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I recently decided to do make a will, as I have not done one ever and being in my 50's with a seperated husband I thought I'd get one done incase the old arteries popped or my car exploded or something. I saw a booth/stand for WSL-Ltd in my local shopping centre and decided to give them a try - turns out WSL's standard will service is Ј110 for a single will which includes a home visit to go over the persons' needs/finances and to produce the will. I dont think that's too bad a price compared to solicitors' fees.

26 Feb 2015

Funeral attire- need help ASAP!

A question about : Funeral attire- need help ASAP!

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26 Feb 2015

Anglia Research Services

A question about : Anglia Research Services

We have been approached by a company called Anglia Research who tell us that we are likely beneficiaries from an intestate will. They will organise things for a whopping commission. Does anyone know how this can be investigated without handing over about a third of any legacy we are entitled to?