26 Feb 2015

What happens if a beneficiary to a will dies?

A question about : What happens if a beneficiary to a will dies?

26 Feb 2015

Useful references

A question about : Useful references

Given how often the question arises I thought it would be useful to have a thread which provided useful resources on this subject, maybe it could become a sticky at some point? I'm happy to update this first post with any suggestions of other official/useful resources.


26 Feb 2015

Grandma's will

A question about : Grandma's will

Hi i posted this on another page and was suggested i put it here


I wonder if anyone here knows about what happens when someone doesn't leave a will. This has happened with my grandma and I'm not getting far with trying to find out about it...

26 Feb 2015

awkward sibling

A question about : awkward sibling

probate granted five months ago, sibling saying not comunicating with her says she wants to contest will , constant harassment ,lying ,to solicitors ,false accusations wants money straight away but we want to wait until house is sold as we have still got expenses