09 Mar 2015

Making a will and getting a funeral plan.

A question about : Making a will and getting a funeral plan.

09 Mar 2015

Problem completing PA1

A question about : Problem completing PA1

I'm in the process of obtaining probate for my Nan's estate and have come across a stumbling block.

We know she has accounts with NS&I but we don't know how much is in them/what they are worth. NS&I have said that they won't tell us until we have the Grant of Probate. All well and good, but without an answer from NS&I we can't calculate the full value of the estate, and without the full value of the estate we can't complete form PA1, which needs the total value of the estate from IHT205.

09 Mar 2015

Selling shares as executor

A question about : Selling shares as executor

There may be better places for this, but I'll give this a try.

Two executors and several bundles of shares, my co-executor has sent the Grant of Probate off to each of the holders, and has been sent piles of forms back which we both seem to need to sign, and returning the original share certificates.

So is the process that we transfer the shares and then sell, rather than being able to sell as executors without transferring?

And does that not involve us in two lots of commission?

09 Mar 2015


A question about : wills


My wife & I are intending to make a new will.
We intend to make mirror wills & appoint each other(the surviving ) as both the benefactor & also the executor.
Is it possible that in the event of both passing away at the same time e.g. plane crash, to appoint 2nd executors( our children) in this sort of events?

Thank you