26 Feb 2015

My mum is desperate!

A question about : My mum is desperate!

26 Feb 2015

Deed of Variation

A question about : Deed of Variation

Hi there - would anyone know where I can download a form for a Deed of Variation to my father's will?
In his will, he has left me around Ј50000 but I would like to split it between my two children and my wife and I - each getting a quarter share. I believe I have to make a deed of variation but I cannot see any form to download. Maybe it has to be done through a solicitor only?
I would be grateful to hear from anyone with any comments.

26 Feb 2015

Taking ME to court? please help!

A question about : Taking ME to court? please help!

My mother passed away September 2012 and she was living alone in a privately rented bungalow, she was the only tenant, as the house wasn't in the greatest condition we were fine about the landlady keeping the Ј400 bond.

26 Feb 2015

Can someone explain how this is right?

A question about : Can someone explain how this is right?

Things have gone from bad to worse and I think I need to complain about the solicitor. I'll put the latest here in this post, if people could reply at the end. I'll leave the first post for anyone who wants the history/context.

So, the house sale went through a few weeks ago and I got back the money the estate owes me, but couldn't get my share of the inheritance until all bills were paid. Fair enough.