09 Mar 2015

Balance transfer for a business account

A question about : Balance transfer for a business account

Can anyone tell me if there are different rules about getting a balance transfer for a business account? Currently with Barclaycard Commercial who said they couldn't change our % interest unless we emailed etc SO looking at the Santander 0% and no fee 15 month balance transfer account.

09 Mar 2015

Balance Transfer Not Accepted.

A question about : Balance Transfer Not Accepted.

So I have a Barclaycard of which I owe roughly Ј3500 on. I got this card with the 30 month balance transfer deal and I am now out of that 30 month deal so am paying a lot of money each month on just the interest of the card and am struggling to pay it off as well as paying off my debt. I think with meeting the interest and paying slightly more each month, I've managed to pay off about Ј300 in one year! Not much!

09 Mar 2015

credit card or loan?

A question about : credit card or loan?

hello everyone I am just wanting some advice,

I have a car on finance and the APR is 16.7 % I am looking at trying to get a new loan at a cheaper rate or getting a credit card and doing a money transfer to pay the finance off, problem is the balance is Ј12000 to clear the finance, would I be able to apply for 2 credit cards because my credit limit will probably wont be enough for just one card, or do I just apply for a loan at a cheaper rate? I have a very good credit rating and have checked with the credit reference agencies,

09 Mar 2015

Question about paying off in full. Vanquis

A question about : Question about paying off in full. Vanquis


Does anyone know if credit card companies would take a reduced amount if paid in full. I have 2700 on my vanquis and the interest is a joke. I took a loan out to pay of my debts but want to know if credit card companies ever accept lower one off payments, thanks in advance.