26 Feb 2015

Sentinel Card Protection

A question about : Sentinel Card Protection

Hi Everyone,

I signed up to Sentinel card protection 2 years ago and I've been paying the annual subscription every year since (now up to Ј20) without really thinking about it. I've never had to use any of the services offered by Sentinel but the reason that I keep it is because it extends credit card like cover to my debit card.

What do you all think about Sentinel, is it worth the money or have they just put existing cover into a nice package?

Thanks for any advice!

26 Feb 2015

Aqua credit cards

A question about : Aqua credit cards

26 Feb 2015

3-Maidenhead in my bank statement

A question about : 3-Maidenhead in my bank statement

26 Feb 2015

Aqua Pay

A question about : Aqua Pay

Has anyone had experience with Aqua pay,or know anything about them.I have had an unauthorized payment on my cc from them.Just wondering if others have had similar experience.

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