09 Mar 2015


A question about : Barclaycard

I recently applied for the Barclaycard Platinum Simplicity credit card online. My application was referred and 5 days later I received a letter stating I was turned down for the card but that they would like to offer me an alternative product called the Simplicity Barclaycard with an APR of 9.9%.

09 Mar 2015

Dumb question

A question about : Dumb question

Sorry i feel i should know the answer to this but i don't!

I have a DD to pay off the minimum on my card. If i want to pay extra does this leave my DD unaffected, even if i pay more than the minimum for that month. i.e. minimum by dd Ј130, a week before thats due i pay a spare Ј150 i have will they still take the Ј130? (i want them to the Ј150 is extra to my min payment!)

Sorry i think I've made that sound really complicated. Hope you get my drift.

TIA Andy