09 Mar 2015

Amex Platinum Vs Santander 123

A question about : Amex Platinum Vs Santander 123

I applied for the 123 cashback card in Jan, was approved instantly.

After having that for a month I applied for an everyday cashback platinum Amex, which I also got instant approval for.

They both have a similar limit, now the question is, would there be any negative consequences to my file if I closed the 123 account down after just 2 months (settled).

09 Mar 2015

Aqua card

A question about : Aqua card

Can anyone advise me I was accepted for an Aqua card yesterday the confirmation page said

You have been accepted your pin and card will be posted out with details
Of your credit limit and how to access it...nothing else no email or any other confirmation does this mean I have. Defiantly been accepted or could it still be declined

09 Mar 2015

Credit Card debt

A question about : Credit Card debt


Ive got about Ј7500 of credit card debt, on different cards.

I'm struggling to pay the minimum amounts at the moment.

Ive tried getting another card to put all the debt onto to get lower interest but with no joy.

Ive tried getting a debt consolidation loan, but no joy.

What are my options? Bankrupt? If I could just find a way of lowering payments. Its my debt and I have no issues.

(I'm in Scotland if that affects things as we have alot of different laws)

09 Mar 2015

Capital one application

A question about : Capital one application

Hi i applied for a capital one card last night and it came back with i had to send ID to them. I have applied a few times over the last couple of years but normally get a no. What does this mean?

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