09 Mar 2015

Any leg to stand on?

A question about : Any leg to stand on?

Hi all,
I have a quandary regarding credit cards and fraud... namely I have an item, an unused wedding dress, which I placed for sale on a relevant website.
My wife received an email from a disabled Scottish lady, who wanted to purchase, but needed us to blah blah blah, we were scammed to the tune of Ј300 approximately.

09 Mar 2015

Unsolicited Amex card

A question about : Unsolicited Amex card

Hi all,

Amex sent me a credit card in the post which I have not applied for, is this just some kind of marketing move? They seperately sent me a pin. I don't want the card, so can I just ignore it, or do you think I need to do something more?

They must have got my details from the electoral role; initially my surname was spelt wrong on the electoral role, and they've spelt my name the same on the card.

09 Mar 2015

Barclaycard transfer

A question about : Barclaycard transfer

My Barclaycard interest free period is coming to an end, but I have an chance to do another balance transfer on by Barclaycard that will be interest free until May 2016
Can i pay off my Barclay card with my nationwide credit card then transfer the balance back to Barclays to take advantage of this interest free until May 2016 ??

09 Mar 2015

Balance transfer and back again...

A question about : Balance transfer and back again...

... A Hobits Journey

I was wondering if anyone knew if this was possible?

I have two credit cards. One that is maxed out by MBNA but that is currently running a 0% balance transfer offer. And one that is empty but no balance transfer offers.

Can I transfer the balance to the second one. Incur transfer fees and interest for a few days. Then transfer the balance back onto the MBNA thus activating nearly 15 months interest free?

Minus the fees of course?