26 Feb 2015

Cash Back Credit Cards

A question about : Cash Back Credit Cards

Morning All

I am thinking of taking out a cashback credit card to make some extra money on the normal things I buy. I am a bit worried that I will use more than I think but if I just stick to buying petrol on it, as I know exactly what I save for it every month and as soon as I have bought it I can pay it off, then I could make around Ј70 in a year, which will go towards my challenge in my sig.
Does anyone know of any good cashback credit cards?


26 Feb 2015

Getting post for someone never lived at address

A question about : Getting post for someone never lived at address

Not sure if this is the most appropriate forum, if not staff please feel free to move.

For the last few weeks been getting post for someone who's never lived here. We're the 2nd owners of the house.

The mail has a return address of PO Box 189, Huddersfield HD8 1DY which a google search today flags as a debt collector firm chasing MBNA debts. One of this links showed the PO Box as being owned by

26 Feb 2015

The Sub Prime Credit Thread

A question about : The Sub Prime Credit Thread

The Sub Prime Credit Thread - Part VI

26 Feb 2015

E-Platinum Plus

A question about : E-Platinum Plus

Whilst updating my status on my facebook page my attention was drawn to an ad offering an Instant Ј500 Credit Card -
Get Ј5000 credit to spend right now. No credit check. Apply now in just 60 seconds! they say, a credit card with no credit check? - mmmmm - the old adage You should only believe half of what you see, and none of which you hear comes to mind - but curiosity - ok, nosiness takes over and I click the ad.