09 Mar 2015

help/advice please

A question about : help/advice please

I have just been put in the support group for esa after my medical. Finding it all very confusing as to what I will get. Am on income related esa. Have been reading that I wil get extra as a 'enhanced disability allowance' automatically as I have been placed in the support group. But finding it all confusing as to what I will actually get. Also have been on assessment rate for ten months now...wil my esa rate now get backdated?

Any help much appreciated.

09 Mar 2015

Child Tax Credits and Employment and Support Allowance

A question about : Child Tax Credits and Employment and Support Allowance


My wife is receiving Employment and Support Allowance (and has beeneh last 3 or so years). We now have a child and following her appeal she has had Employment and Support Allowance re-instated and backpaid. My question is - do we declare Employment and Support Allowance as her income? (I have searched and apparently in some cases you do and in others you dont). Can anyone advice what it depends on before i call tax credits support to update our records?

Thank you

09 Mar 2015

Pension credit

A question about : Pension credit


my wife has recently been awarded Pension Credit , having applied some 3 months ago (it took an official complaint to actually get the application sorted, but that's another story!)

My question is, now she has been awarded this with it backdated to June, are we able to apply for a partial refund of this years council tax?

Many thanks for your time

26 Feb 2015

Getting back to work

A question about : Getting back to work

Hi all

I have a question I need a little advice on and I thought this would be a great place to ask.

I am currently on Incapacity benefit and DLA (Low rate mobility & middle rate care) for mental health reasons. I have been wondering a lot lately if maybe I could go back to some form of work, and was recently offered some part-time work approx 15 hours a week.