26 Feb 2015

ESA tribunal questions

A question about : ESA tribunal questions

Hi all and a happy new year,I am due for a ESA tribunal this month,I've never been to this kind if thing before.
Been in ESA since 2011,already been to health assessment,which there judgment I did not agree on,hence the tribunal,I do have representation.

How long do the tribunal last ?

What happens,which it may do,after decision ?

Basically any more advice anyone could pass on to me.

26 Feb 2015

Jobseekers Allowance and casual work

A question about : Jobseekers Allowance and casual work

I've offered to help a friend who has been bamboozled by bureaucracy, only to have my own poor brain tied in knots.

26 Feb 2015

Benefits + Ebay ????

A question about : Benefits + Ebay ????

I am currently signed off work due to a health problem, so am on Incapacity Benefit, Income Support and Disability Living Allowance.

Over the last couple of years I have sold various bits and pieces, mostly used clothing, on Ebay.

Now I am on benefits is that still allowed? I am not running a business, just getting rid of stuff at a much lower price than I paid for it.

Does anybody know the answer please?

26 Feb 2015

Tax Credits Renewal Pack

A question about : Tax Credits Renewal Pack

My wife and I were claiming up to end December last year, we had both been suffering from ill health, and our claim ended when we went on ESA benefits.

We tried to keep the tax credit people up to date as soon as possible with the changes in circumstances we had, and after our claim ended i phoned through our p45 figures as well as my ESA contributation based figures.

We had a revised award letter come through showing a potential underpayment, that we are told can only be issued when we return the completed renewal pack.