09 Mar 2015

Universal Credit query

A question about : Universal Credit query

Universal Credit is due to set out in my area very soon

Ive been searching for a job in which I would be able to undertake without damaging my health and I think I've found one! Hooray!

I used a benefits checker and my entitlement to TC was approx 110pw - and partial housing benefit of Ј60 - they couldn't be 100% due to certain information.

09 Mar 2015

Informing of ESA ending claim

A question about : Informing of ESA ending claim


If you are claiming ESA and know the date that you are returning to work,can you inform DWP of this a couple of weeks in advance and continue to be paid until that date, or is it a case of the minute you inform them then your claim will end there and then ?

Thank you

09 Mar 2015

DLA for cancer patients?

A question about : DLA for cancer patients?

Hi forum, If someone has been diagnosed with cancer (actually I`m referring to a recurrence following previous treatment) are they eligible for any type and level of DLA? The person I am enquiring on behalf of has been told, and has read on a number of forums, that this is possible. Any comments would be welcome. Regards, lakesman

09 Mar 2015

Homeless Dilemma. Help.

A question about : Homeless Dilemma. Help.

So I became a single parent in November and my LL gave me notice in December (not related to my new circumstances).
Anyway, he got the first notice wrong and now I was served the second one which finishes in 2 months time.