26 Feb 2015

WTC, CB and WMA query

A question about : WTC, CB and WMA query

i have been claiming the above benefits for the past few years.

the WTC (working tax credit) and CB (child benefit) and part of the WMA (widowed mother's allowance) all pertain to my son who has recently turned 18.
after he returned to college last year, he decided by oct to leave.
i was very much hoping he would change his mind and return to college, so didnt do anything about my benefits.
eventually when i had to renew my WTC claim this year, i declared that he had in fact left college last oct.

26 Feb 2015

Dispute form for Tax credits Overpayments

A question about : Dispute form for Tax credits Overpayments

I know that some people have had difficulty getting these from TCO but you can get it here.


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26 Feb 2015

P60 & CTC

A question about : P60 & CTC

I have always used the highest figure on my husband's P60 when filling in CTC renewals. However, I'm not sure if this is the one that I should be using.

There are 2 amounts on there, the lower of the 2 says it is to be used on a tax return (as far as I can see the difference is his pension payments).

Hope someone can clarify for me, thanks x

26 Feb 2015

Urgent For Fran

A question about : Urgent For Fran

Hi Fran

apologies to all here for hijacking the thread!

Fran, please delete it once read - just thought you might want to know that your pm inbox is full and you are not able to receive more messages, I tried to send you one this morning!