09 Mar 2015

views on this

A question about : views on this


has anyone got it
what's it like
the only reviews i could find were of a 24 one and the reviews were that it is rubbish

09 Mar 2015

Sky Multi Room

A question about : Sky Multi Room


Just been on Sky chat for Family bundle, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, HD and Multi Room.

Came up with monthly figure of Ј60.75, then a credit of Ј75.

Still to much for my budget, the person then said add Multi Room (Ј11.25) later, which could be half price or less.

Is this a genuine.

Any advice please.

09 Mar 2015

Sky cancelled

A question about : Sky cancelled

I have given my 31 days notice to cancel Sky and already my family are complaining about recording tv.

I have an LG smart tv with HD Freeview. My question is what is the cheapest way to record tv, in the event that I am not offered some sort of deal by Sky?

09 Mar 2015

Sky tv, remove package to trigger offers

A question about : Sky tv, remove package to trigger offers

Can anyone point me in the right direction. Not long ago I read a forum post that described that visiting mysky and choosing my packages. When choosing remove pack, then can't afford, it was mentioned that it would show offers to tempt you to keep the chosen pack. Just need to find the instructions to at what point it offers.

Searched here and hukd chat but can't find it

Thanks in advance